Economic Growth between UK and Jamaica can be further enhanced by the strong people to people links that exist through the Diaspora.

This is achieved by utilising their intangible assets of intellectual capital and creativity as leverage for promoting enterprise. The focus will be on 3 inter-locking themes: economic growth and sustainable development, global health and international trade and services.

Diaspora Delivery System (DDS) is a facilitated framework for the digital transformation of the traditional leadership, management and involvement model by providing a strategy for communication, governance and implementation.

DDS encompasses 5 inter-locking Global Diaspora Involvement Plans that translate into market-led deliverables for promoting supply chain collaboration and economic growth.

  • International Trade and Services
  • Human Capital and Workforce Development
  • Global Health and Wellness
  • Sustainable Development and Community Tourism
  • Creative and Cultural Industries

“As an International Trade Advisor with DIT in London, I am privileged to be working with Rudi Page, the Chief Executive of Making Connections Work, and his associates as they develop the Diaspora Delivery System.

In addition to the great cultural and social advantages, the encouragement of bilateral International Trade between Jamaica and the UK of both Goods and Services can only be of great benefit to the citizens and economies of both territories”.

Steve Rapley, International Trade Adviser, London International Trade Team Department for International Trade