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Harnessing the social capital of faith organisations to regenerate local communities through enterprise

After an exceptional launch last November, the NBWN are joining forces with NatWest Business Banking to present the launch of the Faith and Business Summit in Birmingham. 

This exciting event that brings together business owners, faith leaders and budding entrepreneurs to create new business ventures through the wealth of social capital in our faith organisations.

RAFFA Supports The Reach Society 2017 Careers Conference for Young People

One in four young women in UK report Mental health problems

2017 Benefit changes in the UK


Creative Futures Jamaica and Jamaica Education Taskforce UK Partnership launch at Imperial College London on Thursday 1st June 2017,6.30pm

JET-UK aims to contribute expertise and philanthropy within the UK Diaspora towards the development of education in and for Jamaica (JA); promoting innovation, excellent practice, sustainability, thereby increasing the overall global competitiveness of Jamaica and its Diaspora.

Rudi Page, Adviser, Creative Futures Jamaica, stated “JET-UK are ideal partners for the CDDS: Caribbean Diaspora Management & Information System, as we contiune to promote Global Diaspora networking with Academic Institutions, Knowledge Management and Technology Partners to enable clarity and definition for utilising the intangible assets of Intellectual Capital and Creativity as leverage for promoting enterprise.

This year marks the 10th Anniversary, since Dr Sunday Popo-Ola and myself co-ordinated the inaugural Creative Futures, September 2007, which attracted 35 young people from Harlesden and Lewisham, over 1,000 have benefited from this innovative programme”.

Picture: L to R

Imperial College London

Dr Sunday Popo-Ola, Lecturer, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Imperial College London

Seymour Mattis, Chair, Jamaica Education Taskforce-UK (JET-UK)

Rudi Page, Adviser, Creative Futures Jamaica

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