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Caribbean Domino Club

Benjamin Zephaniah explores the passion, community and history of Britain’s high-octane Caribbean domino clubs, where each table is a stage and every game tells a story.

The mesmerising sound of the dominoes being shuffled keeps many players at the table into the small hours. Benjamin visits his home town of Birmingham to find out how the dominoes scene has changed since his father taught him to play, and learns how the “bones” have been the soundtrack to centuries of Caribbean history, a thread linking slave plantations to south London bus stations.

Amid the high-decibel action of the Anglo-Caribbean Domino League Final, clubs from all over the UK battle it out in a fierce showdown of mind games, table slamming and dramatic winning poses.

Benjamin hears the stories of some of the nation’s finest players – Black Hat, The Enforcer, Lady Sassy, Big C, Virgo, The Screamer – and finds out how the “sweet sound of the shuffle” plays on their subconscious, long after the slamming and cheering have died down.

Featuring Kenneth Ward, Earl John, Kingsley Douglas, Errol Richards, Carlton Witter, Mervin Stuart, Janet Francis, Gary Lewis, Austin Agard, Rudi Page, Millicent Wilks, Clive Milanese, Donald Douglas, Felix Whittley, Vida Tucker.

And with thanks to Anita Witter, Kingsley Douglas, Norris Mckenzie and the Anglo-Caribbean Domino League.

Presenter/ Benjamin Zephaniah Producer/ Cicely Fell and Mark Dormer for Redlight Productions

Friday 18 April @ 11.00-11.30am

BBC Radio 4 Publicity

Kidney Health and Faith Communities Programme

RAFFA joined World Kidney Day activities on 13 March with the introduction of Kidney Health and Faith Communities Programme. World Kidney Day (WKD) is an annual global awareness and education event. The Kidney Health and Faith Communities programme will last until October and will raise awareness and improve understanding of the importance kidney Health and the risk factors for kidney disease. The 2014 theme is Chronic Kidney Disease and Ageing.

For more information: Click here

NHS BME Network National Conference – 6 June 2014

NHS BME Network are delighted to announce that bookings for our national conference entitled BME Equity and the NHS-Time for Action is now open. The conference will take place on:

Vivienne Lyfar-Cisse, Chair, NHS BME Network said” We have a very exciting programme including Care Quality Commission; NHS England; Cure the NHS; Victoria Macdonald (Channel 4 News); Roger Kline and several prominent academics. Please find attached the conference programme and a separate booking form for your convenience. Outcomes from the conference will inform the 2015 Action plan for the NHS BME Network”.



RAFFA Transformation: Integrated Wellbeing Network

Integrated Wellbeing Network (IWN)

RAFFA, will launch the Integrated Wellbeing Network, during Spring 2014, as a national gateway to provide information and advice through a series of community dialogues to raise awareness and improve understanding about how screening can save lives and improve quality of life for cancer, diabetes type 2, heart health, mental health, prostate cancer and sickle cell within African and Caribbean Faith Communities within their neighbourhoods.

The network provides opportunities for health professionals, health charities and communities to exchange ideas, advice, support and training in the reverse commissioning process that has been designed by the NHS to better engage BME communities.

Monica Coke, Trustee, RAFFA

Monica Coke, has been appointed as a Trustee for RAFFA from 1st March 2014. Monica, has extensive experience within the regional development and voluntary sectors. Monica is also Vice-Chair of Princess Margaret Hospital (Jamaica) UK

Rudi Page, CEO, RAFFA, said, “Monica’s knowledge and insight will be of great value to the Board as we continue to transform the organisation to serve communities around the world”.

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