Health & Well Being

Health & Wellbeing Network launched an information and advice programme to raise awareness and improve understanding about cancer and prostate cancer within African and Caribbean Faith Communities within their neighbourhoods. It is an integral part of a national gateway led by RAFFA.

The network focuses on widening access to primary services, joined-up working and reducing inequalities. It links Health & Wellbeing with the broader determinants of public involvement and social action. It’s integrated care approach through “dialogues” has improved collaboration, trust and co-operation across providers and communities.

The network provides opportunities for health professionals, health charities and communities to exchange ideas, advice, support and training in the reverse commissioning process that has been designed by the NHS to better engage BME communities.

Pilot Site:

Bradford, is the leading the way with the most advanced and integrated community empowerment programme led by ENAsbs.

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Heart Health and Faith Communities

RAFFA and British Heart Foundation would like to announce the launch of the British Heart Foundation Gospel Choir. This partnership aims to improve heart health within the African and Caribbean Faith Communities.

Cancer and Faith Communities

RAFFA appointed by former National Cancer Action Team (NCAT) to continue

Cancer Programme by extending information sharing and insights to Chinese, Hindu, Muslim and Sikh communities.

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