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Ian Trentholm, Chief Executive, NHS Blood & Transplant reports on the ONE LOVE launch campaign

Today was at Filton to welcome the High Commissioner of Jamaica, Her Excellency Aloun Ndombet-Assamba. We were showing her around the manufacturing part of Filton and she was there to thank us for working with two charities to deliver one of our blood collection mobiles and some processing equipment to the Jamaican National Blood Service. We invited a number of guests from the black communities in Bristol and London to share the day with us.

It was fantastic to hear about the work that Rudi Page and his team from RAFFA, a diaspora led charity that brings together governments and local volunteers to help develop a number of Caribbean and African countries. It was also great to acknowledge the work of NHSBT’s very own Dapo Odumeru who founded the charity Blood 4 Life. Dapo has worked in a number of countries re-cycling NHSBT equipment to help set up new blood services. There are many people alive today because of the great work Rudi, Dapo and their colleagues have done.

We can sometimes take for granted the constant supply of safe blood in this country, but I was saddened to hear that in Jamaica as in a number of countries, they do not yet have a consistent altruistic donation programme – operations rely on you rounding up relatives to give blood to make deposits in the bank beforehand.

The event included a series of tours around the manufacturing floor at Filton – thank you to Sonja Long for great organisation of a complex event and every one at Filton for helping with the tours and tolerating the interruptions so gracefully – it was for a good cause.

We used the event to talk to the press and the assembled community groups about the launch of a joint campaign with NHSBT, RAFFA and the Kiwanis Club of Brixton to try and recruit more black donors both in this county and in Jamaica. In Jamaica it is about building up to a self-sufficient blood system, here we need more black donors to help us support sickle cell patients – each month we supply 2000 units of blood to sickle cell patients and less than half is a full match. This means they run the risk of creating antibodies, which in the longer term limits the number of transfusion that can tolerate, which shorten lives.

I finished my opening speech with the simple request of all present to talk about what they had seen and heard, and try and recruit at least one new black donor.

I have always been concerned about the lack of black blood donors so it was great to hear about so many people working with us, coming from a range of different communities, charities and Churches with the aim of collecting more blood, thereby saving more lives – it feels like we are making progress on this important topic, but lots of work still to do!

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ONE LOVE: Caribbean Communities rising to the Challenge to save lives


One of the great technological advances in medicine was the discovery that lives could be saved by transfusing the blood of one person to another and today donated blood is used to treat sickle cell sufferers, pregnant women, surgery and emergency operations for people with rare blood types. it is ideal for people who need blood to receive donations from people of the same population group.

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Street Pastors Jamaica – Who We Are

Street Pastors Jamaica – Who We Are from David Boncrek Johnson on Vimeo.

ONE LOVE, ONE BLOOD, SAVES LIVES Campaign launch for Western Jamaica

ONE LOVE, ONE BLOOD, SAVES LIVES campaign was given another boost by KIWANIS Division 25, Eastern Canada and the Caribbean District of Kiwanis International was at Megamart, Montego Bay on Saturday, February 14, 2015.

This was another successful Divisional event undertaken by LG Lisa and the Kiwanis Clubs of Montego Freeport, Montego Bay and Providence-Montego Bay. Participating in the launch were His Worship the Mayor, Councillor Glendon Harris,Dr. Veronica Taylor, Acting Director,National Blood Transfusion Service and Dr. Sheila Campbell-Forrester, Former Chief Medical Officer of Jamaica and Patron of the event.

Several Kiwanians from Division 25 and members from Division 23E were also present to witness this Valentine’s day of true love by giving blood!.

The launch was chaired by Distinguished President Whitcliff Roberts of the Kiwanis Club of Montego Freeport. Division 25 is grateful to all who sponsored and provided for this event.

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Lily of The Valley Enterprise for Health & Community Development join RAFFA International Development System

Angela Brown, Founder, Lily of The Valley Enterprise, said “we are delighted to be accepted as members of the RAFFA System, our vision is”to replace social inequalities with abundant, prosperous and healthy Lives”. Lily of the Valley Enterprise has recently established a partnership with Church of God of Prophecy, St Elizabeth to enhance community health by raising awareness as a joint effort and collaboration of skills whilst bringing the gap between the local church and the community. We aim to focus our efforts on Health and Community Development activities including Diabetes Hypertension Mental Health Pre/Post Natal Health Prostate Cancer Adult Education CV & Jobs & Interviews and Entrepreneur Skills”.

For more information, please contact, Angela Brown on

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