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Prostate Health Dialogue aligns with UN Decade for People of African Descent 2015 -2024

Prostate Health Dialogue aims to enable men to share experiences through fellowship and provide self-care peer support to access primary care and screening services.

Prostate Health Dialogue is a self-reliant approach to physical and spiritual health improvement supported by research and development.

Prostate Health “self-care” Dialogues provides opportunities for Assisted self-care management and education to encourage prevention and behaviour change.

Prostate Health Dialogue will launch the “Decade for Prostate Health” is aligned with United Nations Decade for People of African Descent 2015-2024.

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Africa Growth and Energy Solutions Ltd/trading as Solar Era  is pleased to announce the forthcoming launch of an Autumn crowd funding campaign to raise funds for a renewable energy rural electrification (RERE) programme in Africa.

Africa Growth and Energy Solutions Ltd/trading as Solar Era are developing solar, biomass and hydropower projects in Africa and have a rural electrification programme in Cameroon that will bring small scale hydropower to the South West region.

Sola Era work with local communities to bring electricity, followed by training and capacity building for  agricultural development, including solar dryers and humidity controlled storage for cocoa, local processing with entrepreneurship training as part of an International Labour Organisation (ILO) certified programme. Sola Era also work with governments and organisations such as  the UNDP.

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COGOP and RAFFA become members of the Council of Leaders



Churches Together in Hitchin is a group through which  18 churches in Hitchin explore ways in which they can meet together and work together to spread the good news of Jesus to  all  in  the  town  of  Hitchin.  It  is  affiliated  to  Churches  Together  in  Hertfordshire  and through this to Churches Together in England and Churches Together in Britain & Ireland. The  ministers  for  the  churches  meet  together  regularly  and  each  church  has  up  to  4 representatives who all meet together 4 times a year as the Council of Churches Together in Hitchin. The Council discusses joint projects, local issues and also has speakers from outside organisations often involved in Christian initiatives of various kinds.


The church congregations worship together at different times of the year eg the Week of  Prayer for Christian Unity in January, Pentecost and a joint choir event in the Autumn.

The event above was held on 8th June 2014 in the heart of Hitchin Town Centre. The weather was glorious and hundreds of people supported the event.


Stephen Powell, COGOP Hitchin organised a team of worship leaders and musicians who came from various churches across the country to share praise and worship with the  community in Hitchin.
The members of COGOP Hitchin had a stand at the event and distributed free cakes, leaflets including the latest RAFFA magazine.   All the churches collectively provided a great day  for the community with contributions from the youngest to the eldest.

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