RAFFA Supports The Reach Society 2017 Careers Conference for Young People

On 4th April 2017 the Reach Society put on the 6th Annual Careers Conference for young people at the Royal National Hotel in London. The event was attended by hundreds of young people who were able to access career opportunities and information.

The Reach Society is a social enterprise that encourages, motivates and inspires black boys and young Black men to realise their potential and make viable transitions into adult life.

Reach Society was founded in October 2010 by a small group of friends who are professional Black men who had successfully navigated the social, economic and emotional challenges to develop from boys to men in the UK. Along the way they learnt the essential strategies needed to develop their potential to become useful contributors to their families, local communities and the wider society.

At Reach Society they believe that Black boys and young Black men are born with unlimited potential. And that they, like all young people, need to be encouraged, motivated and inspired to discover their potential by taking the actions early that will lead to the formation of habits that are essential for the development of robust character.

RAFFA has supported the Reach Society over the years and more recently helped with the collection of the data for the Council of Leaders (COL) data questionnaire. In 2015 the COL conducted its first attitudinal survey of the British Black Community (BBC). This is now the third ‘Wave’ of surveys that seeks to discover how African and Caribbean people feel about certain socio-economic aspects of their lives. See link to the survey http://tinyurl.com/z6fpor4

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