About Us

5501176_blogRAFFA International Development Agency, is an independent charity, which was launched by the Church of God of Prophecy at the House of Lords on Thursday 26th November 2006. This was hosted by Baroness Howells of St David and the keynote address was given by Bishop Adrian Varlack, Sr,. RAFFA benefits from the experience of Trustees who have a proven track record of achievement over the last 50 years throughout the continent of Africa and the Caribbean.

The RAFFA system is a Diaspora-led model (aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals) ,which brings together local, regional and national stakeholders to embrace the challenges and opportunities associated with the integration of local and International Development Co-operation.

RAFFA provides early stage support, technical assistance and programme development, to enable individuals, churches and local communities to build capacity and tackle the issues of educational attainment, health services, enterprise support and capital projects that enhance community assets.