Windrush Generations Social Action Programme ( children in whom was no blemish)

Windrush Generations Social Action Programme provides Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) sessions at COGOP UK local churches and community partners at locations across the midlands, south west and north west regions. The programme includes awareness workshops, drop-in sessions, support for online applications and the opportunity totrain to become a community champions.

The Home Office recognises the problems which face many individuals as part of the Windrush situation.

As part of the commitment to rectify matters the Home office has set up an Outreach team to engage with Communities and individuals

The purpose of the Outreach team will be to provide support, advice and reassurance to people impacted by Windrush. They will do this by offering ‘one to one’ interviews on a Surgery style format or by obtaining contact details by those who may want to contacted later.

The surgeries are intended to provide help.

People will need to be reassured that there is no Enforcement action that will take place for anyone coming forward to the surgeries.