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Are you the
Giving type?

We are supporting NHS Blood and Transplant with this years blood donation campaign. This year's theme is 'Are you the Giving type?'


As a nation, we need more people to donate their blood and plasma to give to save lives.

So, we're joining the NHS by calling on all the giving types to start giving blood or plasma.

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Highlighting the Need for BAME Blood Donors


Despite BAME individuals making up approximately 14% of the population in the UK, they account for only 5% of blood donors, indicating a significant underrepresentation. This disparity perpetuates the struggle to find suitable matches for patients from these communities.

This year (2023), we need 12,000 new blood donors of Black heritage to help the rising numbers of sickle cell patients who regularly need blood.

Well-matched blood for patients typically comes from blood donors from the same ethnicity.

The Importance of BAME Blood Donors:

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Genetic diversity: Genetic variations between different ethnic groups affect compatibility and the effectiveness of blood transfusions. Having a diverse pool of donors helps ensure patients receive the most suitable blood match, leading to better health outcomes.

Sickle cell disease: Sickle cell disease primarily affects individuals of African, Caribbean, Middle Eastern, Indian, and Mediterranean descent. Regular blood transfusions are often required to manage the symptoms and complications associated with this condition. Without a sufficient number of BAME blood donors, the demand for compatible blood becomes challenging to meet.

Increased representation: Encouraging blood donation among BAME communities promotes inclusivity and a sense of belonging. It is essential that the donor pool is reflective of the diverse population it serves, fostering trust and engagement within these communities.

Donating Blood
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