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Board of Trustees

The launch of RAFFA by COGOP on 26th November 2006, was the response of an outward-looking church on the cutting edge, both to its affiliates and to the wider community. RAFFA is for social action. It is an independent charity, with a Diaspora-led structure that has not confined itself to only supporting those within the Diaspora. The United Kingdom, China, Grenada, Ghana, Jamaica, Lebanon and St Lucia are some of the countries that have benefitted from that support. 

RAFFA then, is concerned with empowering the national and international community. Seeking to address a communities’ economic wellbeing, health awareness, and its educational needs in an effort to improve lives. This is done through the information sharing of community assets like: health services or organisations that donate equipment, expertise, facilities and services, it also happens through advocacy and advice, which could be given to businesses (whether they are profit or non-profit start-ups or longstanding businesses within the community) understanding that enterprise is good for financial empowerment and community autonomy.  

Meet The Team

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